11 Nov 2015

11 Nov 2015

Quikscribe – the #1 Digital Dictation and Transcription Software System


  • “Over the years I have spent thousands of dollars on dictation systems. I have been using the Quikscribe system for approximately one year. It has met or exceeded all my expectations. The Quikscribe staff was very helpful in setting up this program. The software has been very reliable and the hardware is extremely easy to use. The Quikscribe system was easily my best investment in 2003.” – W. Mark Broadwell – Forbes & Broadwell, Hampton, VA

    “It has met or exceeded all my expectations.”
  • “I wanted to take this opportunity to give you a status update since you installed Quickscribe for me nine months ago. In a nutshell, I keep asking why we did not do this years ago. This has meant the world to us with regard to efficiency and report turnaround. In-house it is a mere convenience but off-site use of the system has clearly allowed us to work smarter and not harder. Both dictators and transcribers have benefited greatly and Quickscribe works so well with our LIS that generating reports has never been easier. All users are completely happy with the system and of the few problems encountered, all were user related. Reliablity has been so good that I am considering disposing of the old system that I had expected to use as a back-up. Thanks for all your initial support. At this point, I guess you are feeling a bit like the Maytag repairman!”
    -Ken Whittenburg, PA-C Laboratory – Director, SouthEastern Pathology

    “This has meant the world to us with regard to efficiency and report turnaround. “
  • “Quikscribe has been a tremendous addition to our office. My staff loves the time it saves trying to figure out what’s on a tape. Sending the files over our computer network substantially reduces turnaround time, since the files are transcribed as they are finished, instead of when the tape is full! I also like using the cut and paste text feature for capturing case quotes while I do legal research. You’ve got a winner here, and I would strongly recommend it to every lawyer I know.”
    – Rodger N. Bowman, Esq. – Tennessee

    “Quikscribe has been a tremendous addition to our office.”