19 May 2013

19 May 2013

Conference Recording QS Tutor


Conference Recording QS Tutor

The Quikscribe Tutor is an advanced conference recording software application that  allows you to easily memorialize meetings or presentations, by capturing audio and video presentation content during conferences, conventions, seminars, or board meetings.

The Quikscribe Tutor runs as a background Windows application, allowing you to use PowerPoint or any other Windows application in the forefront.  During your presentation, the Quikscribe Tutor captures your audio input with the Philips SpeechMike (or other PC or wireless microphones).  If it’s a PowerPoint presentation, the Quikscribe Tutor automatically captures the slide presentation and synchronizes the audio track with the slides as they are displayed.

If it’s any other Windows application, you may trigger the video capture using the “Insert” button on the SpeechMike.  You may capture an entire screen shot or just the active window image.

What do you get as a finished product? A single file that contains all the Power Point (or other application) presentation images with the speaker’s complete audio presentation!

– Distribute Power Point presentations to your audience with a synchronized sound track!

– Record audio tracks automatically on a laptop during a meeting or conference

– Capture exhibits from any Windows application (MS-PowerPoint, MS-Excel, MS-Word, etc.) as either screen shots or entire files.  Your transcriptionist or audience will have access to both the audio explanations and the displayed exhibits

With Conference Recording QS Tutor, now you have the best of both sensory worlds – audio and visual combined in a single file that can be distributed on CD, DVD, or via the Internet.