21 Jul 2015

21 Jul 2015

Benefits of Dictation Technology VS Writing Instruction


Dictation technologies will bring their own distinct benefits to writing instruction.

1)If the future of writing lies in dictation, then it would be important for teachers to help students refine their dictation-based writing skills.
2)Since individual students respond differently to different teaching styles, we may find that writing through dictation helps some students to learn composition skills better. Such technologies are already proving to be of assistance to visually impaired students.
3)Lessons that include writing through dictation may additionally train students’ speaking skills. That is, the activity of thoughtfully composing text through voice may have the added effect of helping students to become more thoughtful speakers.

How can I be sure the transcription service will give me the quality I need?

Think of a transcription service as a partner in your business. When you are looking for a transcription service, you want to find one that truly has your best interests in mind. Keep in mind that you are working with a business owner as well. As a business owner of a transcription service, they want their customers to be happy. They are providing a service that is valuable and important to you and they placing a high value on you as the customer.

No matter what kind of documentation you need, be it a file note or important legal documents to be filed in the court, patient notes, eBook, interview, surgical notes or presentations, no matter what the level of document it is, it is all the same to the transcription service. They are all important documents that demand the same level of attention to detail.

This cuts your time of having to proofread and tweak your documents when you receive them. Although no one is perfect, you can be sure that the documents you receive should be to the level that you expect it to be and will usually require very little, if anything, to be done to “clean up” the document you receive.

So, in the end, the best transcription service that a business can find is a service which is willing to work within their needs, has the respect for them as a client or fellow business owner, and can offer great quality. This will allow you, as a client, to get the best for your money and time.