10 Sep 2015

10 Sep 2015

Closing Off the Dictation


Finishing your dictation is relatively straightforward.

You want to make sure that it contained all of the necessary information. You want to instruct your typist as to what the appropriate sign off clause should be. The final thing you need to do is ensure that you give the typist and instruction about what should happen with the document. For example, if you are asking for a draft email to be produced, then the most efficient way might simply be for them to email you the document or to save it in your drafts folder (if they have access to it).

If, however, the document is one where you require a draft to be printed, then provide an instruction to. Below is a final audio sample showing how I would finish the draft letter at the above two dictation samples began (I actually put the signing off part in the earlier dictation above, but you get the general idea).

Source: Tips for Lawyers