28 Sep 2015

28 Sep 2015

How Lawyers Can Use Technology To Create Better Profits


The quest for lowered overheads, increased profitability and better productivity is an ongoing battle for law firms, but there is little doubt that technology is coming to the rescue for firms in the form of practice management, accounting software, and numerous other benefits afforded by tech trends and innovations.

Dictation technologies are one area that has rapidly developed, although it has been around for many years. Now, however, it has reached the point where the technology is so smart that smart lawyers and other professionals see it as largely a must-have addition to their law office tools.

The use of dictation technologies and the technology itself has developed to the point where the ease of use is such that it provides benefits across a vast range of businesses and in education, medicine and elsewhere.

Indeed, the technology’s development is such that it can not only be used for document and letter drafting, but for emails and text messaging, forcing a reassessment of the traditional manner in which documents are “drafted”.

Like the emergence of the calculator and the internet, digital dictation devices permit enormous benefits and bring about significant change for professionals and how they deliver services.

Digital delivery is very much the way of the future, but for many law firms it is also a significant part of their present operations.

A good digital dictation system goes well beyond merely “speaking” your letters and documents, but it can permit the ‘writer’ to monitor the exact status of their work, retrieve jobs easily and quickly for additional material or for
edits, permit easier outsourcing of work, mobile usage for litigators and lawyers away from the office and other advantages.

As modern law firm practice has increased, so too has the need for lawyers to be out and about. The use of smart phones permits the use of digital dictation to reduce workloads when returning to the office and greater efficiency in
delivering quality work quickly.

Integration with Other Technology

Further, the use of smart software in areas like document management means digital dictation technology can be readily integrated using good workflow management solutions that permit better use of time and siginificant cost

The benefits to lawyers from using technology has proved daunting for some. But as the technology has become at once both more powerful and easier to use, it has also become a no-brainer solution for lawyers seeking to provide faster, better service and to reduce costs and overheads at the same time.

All of which creates greater profits.

Source: Law Fuel