21 May 2013

21 May 2013

File Menu


New Audio
Allows you to create a new audio file.

Open Audio
Allows you to open an existing audio file.

Close Audio
Closes the current audio file.

Save As
Allows you to save the current audio file with a different name or different location.

Send Audio
Allows you to send the current audio file for transcription.

System Settings
Allows you to change or configure the system settings.

Play/Record Levels
Allows you to change or vary the Play and Record levels for your sound card.

Import Audio
Allows you to import a .wav file providing it the .wav is 16bit and either 8, 11 or 22 KHz. Also if the .wav file has an associated .txt file it will also import this with marker timings.

Export Audio
Allows you to export a .wav file from the current IAF (Intelligent Audio File). If the audio file has markers within it, a .txt file will also be exported with the marker timings in it.

Scan DSS Files
Scans the DSS default directory looking for DSS audio files. If it finds any, it converts them to IAF (Intelligent Audio Files).

Export Markers
Allows you to export all the markers within the current file e.g. Documents, Screen Shots etc.

Import All Markers
Allows you to import markers e.g. Documents, Screen Shots etc.

Add Attachment
Allows you to add a document or file as an attachment.

View Attachment
Allows you to view or extract attachments from the current file.

Allow you to close the Quikscribe Recorder.