29 May 2013

29 May 2013

How to use the Quikscribe Foot Switch


The Quikscribe Player is control by a Quikscribe Foot Switch and there are two (2) different types of Quikscribe Foot Switches that can be used. Below is a description of how each type operates.

Single Foot Switch
Press it once to start PLAYING
Press it once to STOP
Hold it down to REWIND

Triple Foot Switch
Hold the PLAY button down to PLAY
Release the PLAY button to STOP

Hold the REWIND button down to REWIND
Release the REWIND button when you want to STOP

Hold the FAST FORWARD button down to FAST FORWARD
Release the FAST FORWARD button when you want to STOP

Note: When the audio file is STOPPED, Quikscribe will automatically jump back (BACK SPACE) a fixed distance. If you want to vary this distance, click on the Controls Icon and vary the Backspace distance.

Note: If you would like to change how the triple action foot switch works, click on the Settings Icon and then select the Preference Tab and select the Reverse Foot Switch tick box. (The REWIND function will then be on the left and the FAST FORWARD will be on the right)