23 May 2013

23 May 2013

Meeting Commander


At last, there is a simple way to record, log and capture everything within every meeting! Meeting Commander can overcome all the hassles and complications of previous methods of recording and transcribing a meeting. It performs every function required simply and efficiently, leaving no room for error or misinterpretation. It simply is the smarter way to take minutes.

Meeting Commander

The Meeting Commander software handles all the hard work of managing a meeting for you.

We have succeeded in creating an effective and uncomplicated application that has an intuitive interface and such simple processes, so that in just a few minutes you can become an expert using Meeting Commander.

No longer will clerks have to record every meeting with a cassette recorder or frantically take notes in shorthand, to later on try and transcribe those notes into minutes. Never again will they have to ask how to spell names or locations, or try to read illegible notes in the hope that they will translate them correctly.

With Meeting Commander, you can:

Effortlessly record every word spoken within a meeting
Record meetings with no limit on duration
Add electronic documents or attachments in one step
Insert images or photos
Capture electronic whiteboard images
Record and log up to 90 people in a single meeting
Log “who” said “what” and “when” with a single click
Record in protected mode, so what is said can not be edited
Easily transcribe the finished meeting within the QS Player
Easily install the software and train in just a few minutes

And so much more.

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