24 May 2013

24 May 2013

Philips 9110


Philips 9110 Docking Kit for Digital Pocket Memo

Philips 9110 package includes docking cradle, Philips rechargeable batteries, power supply and USB cable


Features and functions

The DPM Docking Station can be used for recharging batteries LFH 9144, for hands-free dictation and for
transferring data from the DPM to the PC.

For hands-free dictation, insert the DPM into the slot and use the DPM as you normally would. Make sure the
DPM Docking Station is not connected to the PC via the USB connection; in USB mode, dictation is not possible.

Only Philips NiMH batteries LFH 9144 can be recharged! For recharging the batteries LFH 9144 and for running the DPM from the mains power supply, only use the Philips power supply LFH 9145.