27 Feb 2015

27 Feb 2015

Executing the QS Recorder Install Script


Just double-click on the script file (with the .vbs extension) to initiate the install process. The installation program will run in “silent” mode, and there will be no selection prompts as there is with the normal install program. All file folder path settings for the installation will be defined according to the entries generated by the script generator.

Note: The install script creates entries in the Windows Registry to define settings such as the file folder paths in QS Recorder. If you run the QS Recorder application and select Settings->File Management, you’ll notice that the entries for the file folder locations (Working Directory, Profile File, Import Path, Reports Path, Management Path) are defined according to the script generator entries, and the file folder icons on the right side of the panel are “grayed out” and will not allow changes to the entries:

QS Recorder Script Options2

QS Recorder Script Options_5