27 Feb 2015

27 Feb 2015

Installing and Managing the Quikscribe Enterprise


The QS Manager toolkit will simplify and streamline the installation and configuration process.  Using the script generators and user profile editors, the efforts to install and configure each workstation are minimized.

The following is the recommended process for deploying an enterprise installation:

  1. Select the network drive mapping to use for the Quikscribe file folders.
  2. Define the following file folders and provide full read/write/delete/modify permissions for the authors and typists:








If you will have a central queue for all dictation files:


If you will have separate queues for each transcriptionist (or department or work type):


\QSFiles\Typists\(transcriptionist #1)

\QSFiles\Typists\(transcriptionist #2)


  1. Generate the QSR and QSP install scripts using the script generators.
  2. Install QSR and QSP on a test PC (executing the install scripts).
  3. Using the QSR and QSP Profile Editors, configure user profile settings for a sample QSR user and QSP user, then create all QSR and QSP user profiles by using the initial profiles as a template and selecting the “Save as” feature to make copies to create a user profile for each user.
  4. Install QSR and QSP on the appropriate user PCs, executing the install scripts.
  5. Run QSR or QSP, and select File->Change Profile to select the appropriate user profile for the PC.