27 Feb 2015

27 Feb 2015

Setting The Queue Display


The Typing Queues (or “folders”) are added or deleted to the display using the File Monitor Settings menu option.  Simply add new queues to the tree structure, and the File Monitor will engage automatically to monitor the files in the folders.


“Add” a typing queue to the list, and then select “Save Queues” to retain the defined folders in the list.

Set the Refresh Time so that the file status will update periodically.  Use the highest time setting available to achieve the desired results, as more frequent (lower) refresh times increase network traffic.

Once the queues are defined, the File Monitor provides continuous monitoring of file status activities, displaying color codes for the file icons and file counts for the folders.  The “parent” queue will display the highest priority color code for any of the “child” subfolders.


The File Monitor Legend describes the color codes for the display of the file folders.  For instance, files that are ‘urgent’ will cause the folder to display a red icon.