12 Feb 2015

12 Feb 2015

Setting up and testing your sound card


The Quikscribe Player Software requires a sound card and a headset (or speakers) to work correctly.

If you cannot hear any audio being played, here are four possible reasons:

  1. Your speakers or headset may not be correctly plugged in. Check to see they are plugged into the correct output jack. If your sound card is colour coded, Green normally represents the speaker output, and Black means Line Out. It is preferable to use the Speaker output because the signal will be amplified, whereas the Line Out jack will require amplification
  2. Your speakers or headset may not be working. To check, plug in a known working set and test again.
  3. Your output volume level may be too low, which means you will have to adjust the audio level of your sound card.
  4. It is possible that your sound card is not working, not installed or incorrectly installed. To resolve the issue, contact your Network Administrator to re-install or replace your sound card or sound card drivers.

Note: If you want to load an audio file that you know has good audio levels within it, select the Play Tutorial option under the Help