12 Feb 2015

12 Feb 2015

Audio quality issues


Audio quality is determined by several factors, below is a brief overview of the main factors that determine audio quality.

Sample Rate
The sample rate is the rate that the sound card samples the incoming audio file. Needless to say, the higher the sample rate, the higher the audio quality. However, the higher the sample rate also means a larger files.

Bit Rate
When recording audio on a standard sound card you can use 8 or 16 bit. Quikscribe records using sixteen bit an we have not provided the option to change this.

Sound Card
The type of sound card you have in your PC or laptop has a major effect on sound quality recorded by Quikscribe. What we have found is that almost all sound cards can play audio back and it will sound good, but it is when you attempt to record, this you quickly sort out the good sound cards from the bad. If you do not have a sound card installed and you are planning to purchase a sound card, we highly recommend Sound Blaster sound card. They are record and play audio very good and they are reasonably priced. You can spend less money by purchasing a cheaper sound card, but from experience, you will wish you didn’t.

Quikscribe Microphone – The Quikscribe Recorder comes with a built-in microphone. This microphone is a omni-directional (meaning it picks up everything). If you are wishing to dictate from transcriptional purposes this built-in microphone is great.

Noise Canceling Microphone – If you wish to record very high quality audio, we recommend that you use a noise canceling microphone. A noise canceling microphone helps eliminate background noise, which as a result helps to produce better quality audio. Note: The Quikscribe Hand Control has been designed that you can use different microphones rather than the built-in one.