12 Feb 2015

12 Feb 2015

Clicking sound when recording


If a clicking sound is noticeable when playing back your recording, your sound card may need to be calibrated. To fix this problem click on the Settings Icon, then Record Controls Tab and then click on the Cal button.

Note: The clicking sound is created is if there is a DC offset on the sound card. By pressing the CAL button, the Quikscribe Recorder attempts to calibrate the sound card, by measuring the DC offset and then subtracting it from all calculations.

Note: If the problem persists, it is most likely your power supply under load is not providing a perfect DC voltage, whereby there may be a small ripple, which is causing the distortion. That being the case do the following.

  1. Select the Setting Icon
  2. Under the Record Control tab, select either “Post Compression” or “No Compression”
  3. Create a new audio file and test again.
  4. If this fixes the problem, it means your PC is incapable or real-time compression