12 Feb 2015

12 Feb 2015

Configuring Quikscribe


Before you attempt to Record or Send any audio file with Quikscribe Recorder, it is suggested that you first configure Quikscribe Recorder.

To do so, do the following.

1. Click on the Settings Icon. (a dialogue box will appear with three tabs)

2. Select the File Management Tab

3. Under the option for “Automatic File Naming” type your Name and make sure that “Auto Numbering” is enabled.

Note: Every time Quikscribe creates a audio file, it will be named using your Name and will index the filename by one (1). For example, if your name is Bill Smith, Quikscribe will create new file like this – Bill Smith 001, Bill Smith 002, Bill Smith 003 etc

4. Next, select the Author’s Details Tab

5. Enter all of your personal and business details

6. Select OK

Note: Every time Quikscribe sends an audio file from now on, it will automatically embed your contact and business details into every audio file. The benefit being that, every file received by the typist automatically has within it all necessary contact details should the typist need to contact the Author regarding the file.