12 Feb 2015

12 Feb 2015

Installing the Quikscribe Recorder Hand Control


The Quikscribe Hand Control operates Quikscribe Recorder. If the Quikscribe Hand Control is not plugged in and configured correctly, Quikscribe will only work in DEMO mode. This means you will only be able to record audio files up to 30 seconds in duration.

To install the Quikscribe Hand Control, do the following.

  1. Plug the DB9 connector on the Hand Control into the serial port on your PC.
  2. Plug the 3.5mm Microphone Plug (which loops out of the DB9 connector) into the Microphone Line input of your sound card in PC.
  3. Start the Quikscribe Recorder.

Note: By default the Quikscribe Recorder is set up to auto-detect the Hand Control. If for some reason you wish to change the Comm Port setting for the Quikscribe Hand Control, you can do so by clicking on the Record Tab under the Settings Icon and then change the “Hand Control – Comm Port” setting from Auto-detect to either Comm 1 or Comm 2. If you ever change this setting, you will need to close Quikscribe down and re-open it again in order for these changes to take effect, as Quikscribe needs to reinitialise the Comm Port.