12 Feb 2015

12 Feb 2015

How to record in education mode


When Quikscribe Player is used for training and educational purposes, it is important that the audio files are not deleted after the student or typist has completed them. For this reason Quikscribe has developed an option to record in “Education Mode” so the original files will not be deleted.

To record in Education Mode do the following:

  1. Select the Settings Icon
  2. From the Record Controls tab under the “Hand Control – Record Button” option select “Education Mode” from the drop down list
  3. Create a new audio file and record as normal.
  4. When you have finished dictating, press the Send Audio Icon as you would with a normal audio file.

Note: When a normal audio file is recorded and forwarded to the typist, the typist transcribes the audio file and presses the Completed Icon on the Quikscribe Player. This moves the audio file into a completed directory where it remains for 14 days (default) before being automatically deleted.

However, when the file is recorded in Education Mode, it is automatically detected by the Quikscribe Player. As a result the audio file will remain in the source directory, and the Quikscribe Player will open up a copy of that audio file (a temporary file). A student or typist can then work on the temporary file, press complete when they are finished and the temporary file will be deleted without affecting the original audio file. The original audio file remains available for the next student or multiple students to work on.