12 Feb 2015

12 Feb 2015

How to undo and redo dictation


This is a real time saver! With the Quikscribe Recorder, you can make as many mistakes as you like when dictating and remove them instantly by simply pressing the UNDO button (eliminates the need to rewind and find the position to re-record over a mistake). The REDO button provides the opposite function and recalls previously recorded sections. So if you made a mistake and pressed UNDO to wipe it, but then changed your mind, you could instantly recall the ‘wiped out’ passage by pressing REDO.

To see how it works, do the following:

  1. Create a New Audio File
  2. RECORD “One” then STOP
  3. RECORD “Two” then STOP
  4. RECORD “Three” then STOP
  5. RECORD “Four” then STOP
  6. RECORD “Five” then STOP
  7. Now press the UNDO button on the Hand Control twice.
  8. Now REWIND to the beginning of the audio file and press PLAY.
  9. You should hear “One – Two – Three”
  10. Now press the REDO button twice and then press PLAY.
  11. You should hear “Four – Five”