12 Feb 2015

12 Feb 2015

Will not Play or Record


If Quikscribe will not Play or Record, in most cases it will have nothing to do with Quikscribe as such but rather it will be related to how your Sound Card, Microphone, Speakers or your Windows Settings. But’s that’s OK, as we will simply apply a process of elimination until we resolve the problem for you.

Quikscribe will not Play

  • Make sure your speakers are plugged in to the correct output jack of your sound card.
  • Make sure your speakers are turned on.
  • Make sure your speaker output volume is turned up and is not muted

If still not working, it is possible that the system is actually playing the audio files. However if Quikscribe is not set up correctly to Record there will be no sound. To validate that the system can actually Play an audio file do the following:

1. Double click on the My Computer Icon
2. Double click on the Control Panel Icon
3. Double click on the Sounds Icon
4. Select an audio file from the file list
5. Press the PLAY button (to the right of Preview)

Note: If you cannot hear the audio, it would appear that you have a problem with your system. In this case ask your Network Administrator for support.

If Quikscribe will not Record

  • Confirm that you can Play audio as previously explained
  • Ensure that your microphone is plugged into your Sound Card correctly
  • Ensure that your microphone settings for your sound card are configured correctly as¬†explained in Setting Up And Testing Your Sound Card.