5 Jun 2013

5 Jun 2013

Quikscribe Registration Procedure



Please register your Quikscribe Recorder and Player within 30 days of installation; otherwise it will go into DEMO Mode.  If the software goes into DEMO Mode, you will only be able to Record or Transcribe for up to 30 seconds.

Note: If you are using Windows NT, 2000 or XP, make sure you are logged in with Administrator rights; otherwise you may encounter problems with the registration process below.

Quikscribe Registration Procedure

To Register the Quikscribe Recorder or Quikscribe Player, do the Following:

  • Select the Help menu
  • Select the Registration option
  • Highlight (with your mouse) and copy (CTRL-C) the 24-digit reference code (with dashes).
  • Create a new e-mail and paste (CTRL-V) the registration code into this e-mail.
  • Include the name and email address of each person “belonging” to the registration.
  • Send your e-mail to register@digidictate.com

Note: Once your Reference Code has been received, we will create and return a Registration Code.

When you receive this registration code, do the following:

  • Copy (CTRL-C) and then paste (CTRL-V) this returned registration code into the space provided – Then select ‘Complete Registration’.

At this stage your software should be registered.

Note: If you encounter a problem with the above process, please refer to the information below.


Registration Problems

If you encounter any problems with the above Registration Process, please follow the steps below, which explain how to manually register Quikscribe by using an external registration file.

  • Create a new e-mail and address it to register@digidictate.com
  • Attach to the e-mail a file called QSR_Registration.irf (if you want to register the Recorder) or QSP_Registration.irf (if you want to register the Player) and then press Send.

The location for the above registration files should be found at the default paths below:

  •   Recorder   “c:Program FilesQuikscribeQuikscribe Recorder 5QSR_Registration.irf”
  •   Player       “c:Program FilesQuikscribeQuikscribe Player 5QSP_Registration.irf”


Note: Once your Registration file has been received, we will register the file and send it to you.

When you receive the file back, do the following:

  • Save the attached registration file to the same path from where you first got the file (in step 2)
  • Windows will prompt you, “This file already exists, would you like to overwrite it?
  • ” –
  • Select
  • YES

At this stage Quikscribe should be registered, therefore start up Quikscribe and check the status of your registration by doing the last 2 steps.

  • Within Quikscribe select the Help menu
  • Select the menu option ‘License Info’

At this stage you should see that your software is fully registered.