5 Jun 2013

5 Jun 2013

Quikscribe Viewer


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The Quikscribe Viewer is a (free) program that plays Intelligent Audio Files (.iaf) created by the Quikscribe Recorder.  Besides the audio track, the QS Viewer will also play visual content including screen shot images captured during dictation recording.  The advantage of the Quikscribe Viewer is that an author using the Quikscribe Recorder can provide an audio explanation or presentation, and freely distribute the output to recipients using the Quikscribe Viewer.


There are a couple of very important features with this announcement:

You can send an .iaf audio file to ANYONE and they can play it using the QS Viewer, as there is no license fee required for the QS Viewer.

You can send a multi-media presentation to ANYONE and they can play it using the QS Viewer.  The advantage of this is that you can easily create a multi-media presentation with the Quikscribe Recorder, and capture screen shots or a PowerPoint presentation while you are dictating/narrating, and then send the file or distribute it as you desire.  The file can contain just audio, or a combination of audio and images.

You can even provide links on your website to download and install the QS Viewer – so your associates and customers can easily use these powerful tools.

The QS Recorder now becomes a tool to quickly and easily create presentation and training materials, or to provide a fast method for client communications.

Installation Instructions:

Click here to download the QS Viewer installation program.

The installation program includes a trial version of the Quikscribe Player, which provides system files for the QS Viewer.

During installation, select the default settings when prompted.

To use the Quikscribe Viewer, go to Start -> Programs -> Quikscribe Player -> QS Viewer (you may also copy a shortcut to the QS Viewer to your desktop).

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