29 May 2013

29 May 2013



Quikscribe Recorder is installed on your dictation computer.

Download and install the Quikscribe Recorder to your Dictation pc.

QS Recorder Version 11

Note: Select “Save” to download the installation file and save it to your local PC or network drive for future installation.  Select “Open” if you want to run the installation routine immediately.

When prompted, select “Default” to install just the QS Recorder.  Select ‘Custom’ or ‘Complete’ to install QS Recorder and other program options (Voice Recognition, Management).

QS Recorder QuikStart Guide  (abbreviated setup instructions)

Quikscribe Recorder User Manual (detailed instructions of all features)

List of Recorder Enhancements by Version Number

You may need to add all of the Quikscribe programs found in c:\program files\quikscribe\quikscribe recorder to your anti-virus or security software’s excluded lists.  See instructions from this link.

Check with your I.T. support group for assistance with your security software, or contact us at support@quikscribe.com if you have any questions on this.

Hand Control Microphones:

Quikscribe is configured to work with certain hand control microphones.    If using the Philips SpeechMike, you will also need to install the drivers from the CD that comes with the SpeechMike.  The Olympus DR-2000 mike does not require additional software driver installation.

Portable Digital Recorders:

Configured using the QS Downloader program, and files are sent to transcription using settings in QS Recorder

Note:  If you’re using the Philips Digital Pocket Memo (DPM) or other model of portable recorder, click here for detailed configuration instructions with QS Recorder.  If using other portable recorders, use Fixed Disk Mode in QS Downloader Settings.

File Settings

If this is a new install for the organization, then network folders need to be set up, as described in this example:

Create a folder on a shared network drive and name it QSFILES, then create subfolders with names of your transcriptionists (e.g., “S:\QSFILES\TYPISTS\SALLY”,  “S:\QSFILES\TYPISTS\JOE”,  “S:\QSFILES\TYPISTS\BETTY”).  This is for sending files over your network – you need to do this step only once.  When you send a file, you will have the option to add/modify your destinations.  In QS Recorder, the send destination is mapped to S:\Typists.

Also, create a subfolder called Management under QSFILES (such as S:\QSFILES\Management).  Then in the QS Recorder Settings, under File Management, enter the Management Folder path for each QS Recorder.  This allows the QS Player to update the management statistics for all files that are in process.

IMPORTANT!: Quikscribe Software Registration

The Quikscribe Recorder and Player software licenses must be registered within 30 days of installation.  Don’t wait!!!

Click here for registration instructions.

Olympus Hand Control Driver

Olympus Hand Control 32-bit Test