29 May 2013

29 May 2013

Understanding “Percentage Completed”


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The Quikscribe Player displays the Percentage Completed in the task bar while transcribing.

The Percentage Completed is continually updated in the file header. This means that either the Quikscribe Manager or Quikscribe Recorder can view the current status of the audio file.

The Percentage Completed also provides the Quikscribe Manager the ability to calculate the E.C.T. (Estimated Completion Time) for the file. By comparing the current position within the file with the last recorded position in the file. The difference is a measure of how much has been completed within a given time (rate) which can then be divided into the remaining audio.

Lastly the Percentage Completed provided the Quikscribe Manager to calculate the true backlog for a typist or a queue, rather than add the duration of all files within a queue, the Quikscribe Manager looks at the current percentage completed for each file. Therefore if the a file is 10 minutes in duration but 50% completed, the duration remaining is only 5 minutes. As a result the Quikscribe Manager is able to display the real-time backlog value of any queue at any time.

So at first glance, the percentage completed does not seem all that special, but it actually performs a major role in providing E.C.T (Estimated Completion Time) and true backlog value.

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