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The #1 Digital Dictation Software System
Designed for Lawyers, Doctors, and Business!

The Quikscribe Digital Dictation System

  • Familiar Interface – Low learning curve because it looks and feels like your current system;
  • Eliminates tapes (including damaged, and lost tapes);
  •  Send digital dictation files over your network or via e-mail for transcription;
  • Expedite processing and return of your transcription projects in ways no tape system can;
  • Insert text, images or full documents into your audio file for transmission to your secretary;
  • Send digital dictation files by encrypted email for maximum confidentiality;
  • Automatic file notification and priority so your secretary knows work is waiting;
  • Archive and save your original digital dictation file without saving tapes;

Our Solutions

quikscribe transcription


Using the Quikscribe Recorder Hand Control, you can insert, overwrite, stop, play, rewind, and fast forward. Plus, you can insert text attachments, and screen shots, and instantly undo / redo dictation edits, while working seamlessly behind other Windows applications.

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quikscribe transcription


The Quikscribe Player is currently the worlds most advanced PC based digital transcription solution, with many features, not found in any other product. The Quikscribe Player can work independently by itself or part of work-group, whereby the multiple typist work from a central typing queue.

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quikscribe manager

Enterprise Manager

The Quikscribe Manager provides easy administration, monitoring, and management of the dictation files and folders waiting to be transcribed. There are specific tools designed to assist an Office Manager or IT Administrator.

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