28 May 2013

28 May 2013



Quikscribe Player is installed on transcription computer

Download and install the Quikscribe Player to your transcription pc.

Note: Select “Save” if you want to download the installation file and save it to your local PC or network drive for future installation.  Select “Open” if you want to run the installation routine immediately.

When prompted, select “Default” to install just the QS Player.  Select ‘Custom’ or ‘Complete’ to install QS Player and other program options (Voice Recognition, QS Viewer, Management).

Helpful Docs

QS Player configuration tips:

Select “System Settings”, then “Preferences”, and change Comm Port from “Autodetect” to “USB” to recognize the foot pedal (if necessary)

Set the default file path to the appropriate network folder created for the transcriptionist’s files (under Settings -> Preferences -> Set Path Maps)